Regal Partners Limited was formerly VGI Partners Limited

On 3 June 2022, Regal Partners was created from the merger of VGI Partners and Regal Funds Management. VGI Partners Limited (ASX:VGI) has been renamed Regal Partners Limited (ASX:RPL). Shareholders of VGI Partners Limited on 3 June 2022 (after market close) became shareholders of Regal Partners Limited on that day. VGI Partners and Regal Funds Management continue to operate as investment management businesses within the Regal Partners group.

If you have any questions regarding Regal Partners or the Merger, please contact our investor relations team on or call +612 8197 4350.

Merger information

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Share registry 

If you held shares in VGI Partners Limited on 3 June 2022, you became a Regal Partners Limited shareholder on that day. If you own shares and would like to change your address, transfer your stock, have lost your statement or require other assistance in relation to your shareholding, please contact your broker or our share registry, Boardroom.

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